Leaders aren’t born. You may have read this quote or heard about it. It goes on to say that leaders are made. Do you know who said these words?

Hint… He was a famous Catholic, too.

He was Vince Lombardi. Here is a quote about him. “The three constants throughout Lombardi’s life were his Roman Catholic faith, his family, and football. His father was a daily Communicant throughout his life and his mother’s favorite picture of Vince as a child was on his Confirmation…” Read more

He was playing football before World War II. Many of our younger Knights got their start in life maybe 40 or more years later. “Back in the day….” Vince was our Coach K.

So, where is this writer going with the tale? He is approaching his 8th decade and he is trying to come up with something that rocks the ground under our Council and Assembly to create an awareness that nothing happens without a spark. A spark from a driven Knight to assume a training leadership role this year so that as our older members “age out,” they have an opportunity to pass on their skills to our newest members. He may also be the new Knight that you encourage to join our Council.

“What got into Lee?,” you ask? Well this writer was recruited by Gene Drogos, Jerry Pilarski, and Thomas Chegash. (They not only recruited me for the new Council, but as a member of our church and three veterans groups…not to include joining the Fourth Degree.” We lost two of these Knights this past year and one is now in Hospice. Tom’s story will be shared with you soon….

Each of these guys were on active duty. Two World War II (Army and Navy) and one was Korea-Vietnam era Navy. All three were recruiters and not because of the office they held, but because of a deep love for their Church and taking responsibility for its success. All three were founding members of Council 10910.

Your new officer team, led by Chris Kremer, and assisted by the Durham Assembly, is eager to energize the Knights. We are now Post-COVID and ready to get busier to help our parish and Catholic community. So remember, time flies…. “TEMPUS FUGIT, MEMENTO MORI

by Lee Heavlin