Sir Knights and Brothers, we have settled on the key times for assembling and decorating the float for the Caswell parade. The Assembly will assemble the Knights of Columbus trailer on Friday July 1 at 4 PM

Please meet us behind the Parish Hall to help put the plywood on the trailer and make any other preparations we can prior to the parade. We need all the help we can get for this short task and we can be done within an hour.  

The day of the Parade (Monday, July 4th) we will have the float at the firehouse (7020 Guess Road (just before the intersection of Hwy 57) at 9:00 AM to finish attaching the flags and other decorations.  We need lots of hands for this. Also, bring some water with you. We will have some at the end of the parade waiting for us.

How can you get ready for Friday? Here is the list of items needed for this effort from SK Don Williams’ e-mail below with some edits for were we stand.  If you got anything listed, please bring it.

“What to bring during prep and day of:”

  • Portable screwdrivers  (need 2 or 3)
  • Black and white zip ties of different sizes
  • Painters tape if you want to protect vehicle surface from scratches
  • Vise grips and/or needle nose pliers to remove damaged screws
  • Staple gun with staples (anyone have one?)
  • Knife or scissors to cut whatever is needed (bring your blades)
  • Decorations (there are some in the shed) – red, white and blue (SK David Kuboushek will provide)
  • Bungle cords
  • Candy (SK Andy Sciacca will provide some of the best candy ever)

Dress will be Khaki shorts and dark blue 4th degree T-shirts or our bright blue council shirt.  Hats if you got them.  I believe we will all be riding (either inside or in the back of SK Tom Clifton’s truck) after we have decorated it nice and pretty. 

SK Tom Clifton and I thank you in advance for your help at both the 4 PM trailer preparation and the Monday parade.  Remember many hands make short work.