Caldwell Parade

Continuing an annual tradition, we are celebrate July 4th by participating in the biggest small town parade in Caldwell, NC.

July 4th is celebrated in many ways. Most importantly, it is a day to remember the many, many sacrifices of our forefathers as they built a Nation that has endured for over 200 years. It is their work that we remember and honor.

Celebrate an Old-Time 4th of July with a small town parade. The Caldwell Parade is nearly one mile long. Everyone can do it! Can’t March? Come watch! Got toddlers? Bring a star-spangled wagon. Got kids? Get flags and bunting and decorate their bike just like you did as a kid. It was fun then, it is more fun now.

Join with the 4th Degree Assemblies of Chapel Hill and Durham as they wear their full regalia and gather together to lead the parade with local veterans. In years past, the temperature was near 90! It was hot in those tuxes, but to a man we heard them say, “This was great. I’m going to be back next year.” If you did not participate last year, come on over to Caldwell.

Walk with the Chapel Hill VFW and American Legion veterans, VFW vets from the Durham Post, Vietnam Vets, Navy Seabee veterans, and other area veterans as they lead this annual parade.

We’ll also have members of the Paul J. Tragreser Council, 10910, Chapel Hill, carrying their banner and giving out Tootsie Rolls from their bright yellow wagon. You will see them with their children, grandchildren and even their adult children walking along the parade route and passing out candy, too.

When the parade is done, the Assemblies and veterans will host a lunch under two canopies.  The local Chapel Hill Veterans of Foreign Wars (many are members of our assembly) will provide the hot dogs and buns; chips and soft drinks. Each family is asked to bring along a summer picnic dish for their family. Some may even bring along a little extra to share.

Here is the schedule. We meet at the volunteer fire house at Caldwell. Take NC 57 out of Hillsborough (this is the road in front of the Hillsborough Catholic church) and turn right at the flashing yellow light at NC157 (Guess Road, at BP station). Just a short way down on the right is the firehouse. If you pass the light you have missed Caldwell. “Caldwell is just a crossroads, so slow down.”

Be there at the firehouse by 10:30. If you arrive early and you don’t see anyone, don’t worry. One year a photojournalist remarked that he went to the parade and no one was there. Then, like magic, it just happened.

Families can drop you off at the firehouse and then head to the Caldwell Community center; one mile north on Guess Rd.

Families are encouraged to go directly to the Caldwell Community Park (north of intersection) to park cars, set up chairs for families and to watch the Knights lead the parade into the park. Children with flag-decorated bikes and wagons are invited to participate in the parade. Families should drive them to the fire house. You can pick them up at the Park.

To sign up, contact:
Chapel Hill Council, L Heavlin
Durham/Roxboro, Don Williams
Chapel Hill Assembly, L Heavlin

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