Exemplification of the Fourth Degree
Notice:  The following information is subject to change.  Always refer to the District Master’s site for up-to-date information and changes.  Click here
This is the annual event where all North Carolina Knights of the Fourth Degree join together to renew our common bond and espirit de corps.  Candidates of the Fourth Degree join us for a ceremonial, a Mass, and a formal banquet.
You will join about 200 other candidates for the Fourth Degree, their wives and family, and hundreds of Sir Knights from around our state.  It’s fraternal and formal, but it is almost like a college reunion of old friends.  It is a gathering of the most influential and active knights in the state.  Come on Friday and meet them.  Many assemblies will host hospitality suites, as will the District Master.  All are open to you and your wife.
Event Details

Form 4’s and Assembly checks made payable to “Master’s Fund”.
Please have all Candidates, Observers, Wives and Guests names and money to the Master no later than October 8th, please. NO EXCEPTIONS! Neatly printed.
No refunds requests, ladies luncheon or banquet reservations will be accepted after October 9th, 2012. Send to District Master SK Robert J. Grabasky; 608 Pleasant Dr., Greensboro NC 27410

PROGRAM ADS: (Due no later than 9/27/2012)
Personal, Council and Assembly Ad’s for the Exemplification booklet are $25.00 per quarter page, $50.00 per half page and $75.00 for a full page. Copy ready ad’s go to District Secretary SK Greg Ciesielski, 333 Miller Blvd, Havelock NC 28532 or lilski@ec.rr.com. Checks for ads are made payable to “Robert J. Grabasky” and mailed to the District Master’s address above.

“Recruit Candidates now and let’s make this the largest class ever!”

FORM 4’s

Worthy Sir Knights, in the past I have been able to view the Supreme web site and obtain missing Form 4 information for candidates. I no longer have this luxury and therefore, incomplete submissions will be returned for correction. This delay could cause a candidate to be disqualified if I do not have it back in time. To avoid this, it is the responsibility of the Assembly Faithful Navigator and Faithful Comptroller, that ALL information is on the form.

Items that have been missing in the past are:
? Membership Numbers
? 1st Degree Date
? Citizenship questions
? New or Present Assembly Number and Location (Sponsoring Assembly)
? Signature of Financial Secretary and Council to which the candidate belongs
? Applicant Signature
? FN and/or FC Signatures

LEGIBILITY COUNTS! If it is difficult to read, print above the name. Certificates are made for each candidate and each time we have a dozen or more that are incorrectly spelled. Most because I can not read the names.

Finally, the District Master MUST receive, at minimum, the top two copies. He Has the responsibility to submit the top or original to Supreme with my report. The second copy is for his records should there be a discrepancies, this copy is used for corrections with Supreme.

There will not be ANY refunds after the cutoff date unless there is an extreme hardship or I have made an error and not responded to a request for refund prior to the cutoff date. Remember, there are only two of us working the lists and we are as careful as possible, but errors are made.

Candidate Dress Code Requirement.  The completed “Dress Code For Exemplification” form must also be attached to each candidate’s Form 4.  Click here to download

Hotel Reservations
There is a special rate for this event.  The rate is $109 plus local taxes.

Where – Embassy Suites Greensboro – Phone:  336 668 4535
204 Centerport Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409

Room Rate: $109.00 per night (+ tax) with complimentary Breakfast included.

Pre-registration for Exemplification Events
There is a lot of work involved in coordinating candidates and observers.  There are meals to reserve, nametags, hospitality items, and much more.   Please contact Dario Sena to indicate that you are attending this event and what meals you will need to purchase.
Submission of forms
Completed andidate applications and payment of fees and additional guest meals are due to Assembly 3005  Faithful Purser not later than September 15th.  This is necessary so that he can meet the deadlines shown below.
The Assembly must submit their Form 4’s for each candidate to the District Master, via the Faithful Comptroller, by September 25th to reach the District Master before the deadline.  Forms are submitted on the candidate’s behalf to the Assembly for reading and approval not later than the September meeting on September 25th.  Remember that all Form 4’s require the signature of the sponsoring Council’s Financial Secretary.  It must be obtained before it can be submitted to the assembly for review, reading, and vote.
Special note from the District Master: 
  • Please have all Observers, Wives and Guests names and money to the Master no later than October 9th please. Neatly print all names. No ladies luncheon or banquet reservations will be accepted after October 9th, 2012. Send to District Master Robert J. Grabasky; 608 Pleasant Dr., Greensboro NC 27410
Candidates must be a Third Degree Member for one year and be in good standing.   Exception:  A candidate with at least six months, but less than one year as a First Degree knight, may request a waiver.  Waiver requests are submitted with Form 4.  Need a form?  Contact the Faithful Comptroller.  Local council certifies candidate’s Form 4 before it is passed to the Assembly.
Candidates should wear a tuxedo with a plain formal (pleated) shirt.  Winged collared shirts are not acceptable.  Members of the Armed Services on active duty or reserve may wear the formal dinner dress attire and awarded miniature medals.  Refer to your service general orders or instructions, as applicable.
Purchasing or Renting Formal Attire
If a tuxedo is needed, it can be purchased for about the cost of a weekend rental from Chilbert’s TuxAmerica for $199.  That’s right, just $199.  This is a complete nine-piece set that includes coat, trousers, shirt, cummberbund, tie, formal hose, pocket hanky, suspenders, cuff links plus studs, and a travel bag.  This is everything a candidate needs to fulfill the basic uniform requirements for social regalia.
Tuxedo sets are also locally available from Formal Wear Outlet Center.

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