Independence Day Parade – Caldwell

Assembly Caldwell 2012 (6)As the Patriotic Degree, our Knights participate in local and area patriotic events.  Our next event is the Caldwell Community Independence Day Parade on July 4th.

Caldwell is a very small rural community near Rougemont.  We will join the Durham Assembly for the parade that forms at the Caldwell Volunteer Fire Station 10:15 a.m. and starts at 11 a.m. at NC Hwy 57 at Guess Road.

Our group  leads the parade and, therefore, is first to finish.  We then gather along the roadway by the community center to watch the nearly one hour parade come by.

There are lots of floats, horses, trucks, cars, antique vehicles, farm equipment, bicycles, lots of kids and tossed candy.

Our members and their families are invited to join local veterans for a light picnic.  Please bring something to share.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and cold water is provided by the members of Chapel Hill Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9100.


Assembly Gatherings

chris-cushingOur members gather each quarter to enjoy a formal dinner with our spouses and friends.  This past month we joined with the Durham Assembly for dinner and had a great time.

Knights of the Fourth Degree are the foundation of the Knights.  Why?  Each member is committed to service to the community, our parish, and our faith.  And, above all, our families.  You will find us behind the scenes ensuring each council event is a success.  Consider joining us.

Membership is open to all area Knights of Columbus of the Third Degree.

Take a look at us at play where we break break with our fellow Knights and area Religious.  Click here

Veterans Day at STM School

stm-veterans-day-2013-5Our church school is holding a Veterans Day recognition event, “Honoring Men and Women of Service Day” Monday, November 14th. The school asks that all veterans join in and asks that you would spread the following invitation to our special day with the students. Here is the event invitation and details.

This is an outstanding event with hundreds of kids gathering  to watch the formal raising of their flag to commemorate Veterans Day.  See photos from an earlier event.

St. Thomas More Catholic School wants to meet and honor those who have served our country through the military, past or present. The morning of Monday, November 14th, using the program that is the same as in years past:

  • guests arrive before the drop-off line gets too busy before 7:30, received with coffee and refreshments
  • as the children and teachers gather in the school hall by 8 am, the school will introduce everyone to the school community and we will enjoy some patriotic music from school children
  • everyone will then proceed outside for a flag ceremony and a blessing for military service
  • interested guests can visit our classrooms where children want to hear about what serving the country is all about.
  • The whole morning lasts until 9:30 am, or 10 am for those spending extra time with classrooms.

You may RSVP by  contacting Beth Ferrel at or 919-942-6244

Everyone is Invited – Divine Mercy Sunday

We are very proud of our Divine Mercy Sunday program at St. Thomas More Parish.  We have been hosting a parish mass since 2000 and we have watched our small gathering grow in attendance each year.

This is a very special event that welcomes all to return to Christ and his mercy.  If you have been away from the practice of your Catholic faith, and if you would like to come back into the, one, true Catholic Church, then this is the most perfect opportunity for you. Learn more about Divine Mercy Sunday

If you have never attended a Divine Mercy Sunday service, make 2016 the beginning of a personal and, hopefully, family tradition.

Join with us as we invite you share in this local joyous bilingual celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday.  It is the first Sunday after Easter, Sunday, April 3, 2016, at 4 p.m.   

St. Thomas More Catholic Church is located at 940 Carmichael Street, Chapel Hill, NC  27514.


July 4th in Caldwell, NC


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1-KofC Color Guard 2013-2Our Assembly has been celebrating July 4th in Caldwell, NC, for well over ten years.

We were asked to provide a color guard to replace a veterans’ group that disbanded.  We have been there ever since.

Caldwell is a small rural community located at NC Highway 57 at Guess Road in Durham County.  It is just a short distance to St. Matthews Catholic Church.

You are encouraged to show your patriotic spirit by joining in the festivities and parade.  The Knights gather at the Caldwell Volunteer Fire House on Guess Road between 10 and 10:15 a.m. for formation.  We are at the very front and form a Knights’ Color Guard that follows a color guard from The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Chapel Hill Post 9100.  Many of our assembly members are also members of the VFW.

The parade starts moving at about 10:45 am and proceeds to the intersection of NC 57 and Guess Road.  It stops and waits for the parade start at 11 a.m.  Directions

Strange things happen at 11 a.m.  First, the first car to reach the intersection is stopped.  The driver is escorted from their car and is made the Caldwell Parade Grand Marshal.  The Caldwell Air Force (a biplane) flies over the parade and the National Anthem is played to start the parade. Our very own Gil Montoya was caught one year, but he enjoyed the honor as a Grand Marshal.

There are marching groups, manure spreaders, cowboys on horseback, floats, scooters, bicycles, motor bikes, antique cars, bands, fire trucks, and antique cars.

The parade continues for about one mile and ends at the Caldwell Community Center.  The Knights break off (as we lead the parade) and join their family at the community center park. Msgr. William O’Brien, Assembly 3365, from St. Matthews Church will be hosting an “after the parade lunch” for the Knights and their families in the park next the to community center.  The VFW is providing hot dogs and the Durham Assembly is providing hamburgers and lots of cold water.  You are asked to bring a dish to share. It can be  fruit, a salad, a favorite family dish, or whatever you are inclined to share.

Be sure to bring your family and especially grandchildren.  The Caldwell parade is Americana and country living at its best.

1-Caldwell Collage 2013

The Knights of the Fourth Degree are known for their primary purpose; to promote and demonstrate patriotism in the Catholic Community.  Our pride in self as Catholic men and gentlemen is demonstrated by our community service and participation in patriotic programs, events, and support of veterans. We hope that you will join us.

Parade participation is open to all Chapel Hill and Durham Council Knights and their families.  This is a good opportunity to spend time with Fourth Degree Knights in a social-patriotic-community event.

Dress for Assembly members is Assembly golf shirts, shorts or slacks.

Gladys Del Carmen Jorgensen


Gladys del Carmen JorgensenThe passing of a Sir Knight is a very sad moment for the Assembly, but, somehow, the loss of one of our Ladies hits us even harder.

This past week we said, “Farewell” to Ken Jorgensen’s wonderful wife, Gladys.  She was a fine addition to our assembly family.  She was well known for her generosity, kindness, and helpfulness.  It was not usual for her to call to check up on another sir knight’s wife to see how they were doing, how were the kids, and more.  She even made almost daily calls to a member wife when she was away to the west coast caring for her elderly parent.

We join together to wish Ken Jorgensen and his family peace and comfort.

Gladys will be interred at a later date at the St. Thomas More Catholic Church Columbarium.

January Dinner – Jan 28th



January Social SetOn behalf of Faithful Navigator Jim Boyd, this is a reminder of Assembly 3005’s social dinner and meeting on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

The social will start at 6 pm with a social hour and dinner at 7 pm. A brief meeting will be incorporated in the social as well. The January Social Dinner will replace our scheduled January Assembly Meeting.

We are having the social at the University Club in Durham.  This is an outstanding dinner buffet that includes prime rib.  Cost is $30 per person.  There is a cash bar.

All Assembly members and their spouses/significant others are welcome. The attire will be social regalia for Fourth Degree Sir Knights.

The Assembly extends an invitation to all third degree Knights in Councils 10910 and 3390 Durham and their spouses/significant others. This is an excellent opportunity for council knights to learn more about the Fourth Degree and our social activities.  Come and join us.  Your wife will be delighted you were thoughful enough to take her to a semi-formal Knights of Columbus dinner.  Attire for all third degree Knights is jacket and tie.

The Assembly looks forward to a wonderful turn out for this event.

On behalf of FN Jim Boyd and Assembly 3005 Officers, we send our best wishes for a continued blessed Christmas Season and a Very Happy New Year!

Wounded Warrior Project Results


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They'll be home for ChristmasWe have held an annual fund drive to send amputees home for Christmas.  These are men and women patients at Ft. Bragg and Camp Lejeune hospitals. This is a joint effort of the Knights of the Fourth Degree of the DeSoto Province and the Military Order of the Purple Heart (a 501c3 charity), which matches our collection.

How did we do?  Did we make a difference? The assembly received donations at both St. Thomas More and Holy Cross Churches.  Chapel Hill parishioners donated $1,700 and our knights at Holy Cross Church collected $1,100, for a total project collection of $2,800.

Past State Deputy Robert Singer shared this year’s results with us.  He said, “2014 has been the most successful year we have experienced, with a total donations, as of today of $92,537. This brings our total since we started in 2006 to over $600,000.

In August I was asked to come to the National Meeting of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. At that time I received a large plaque for having collected over $500,000, 1/2 million dollars.

I continue traveling to Florida each year as they are very generous, with so many of the Knights in Florida are retired Military Officers, with a very good pension.  I see an increase from nearly every Council or Assembly that donates to this fund.”

Bob Singer summed up his report with, “All of the Wounded Warriors have already been given their checks for their trip home. A very happy bunch of military personal.”

Like links in a chain and threads in a rope, we link and bond together to serve others.  That is the mission of our order and our duty as Catholic gentlemen.

We thank the parishes of St. Thomas More and Holy Cross churches for their generosity this year and pray that they will continue to support this very important program.

Learn more about this project, and/or Contact the project chairman to make a donation.

Patriotism and Fellowship


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe join the Fourth Degree to show our patriotism, but we gain camaraderie and fellowship.  We bond together as brothers.  How do we do that?  We gather to have fun and help each other.

One example is Sir Knight Jerry Pilarski.  There is no task that he will not take on.  The word “can’t” does not seem to be in his vocabulary.  This writer can remember many a meeting where Jerry would stand up and say, “…. then I’ll get it done.”

I think it has something to do with his airborne and army medic training. You can’t be a paratrooper with doubt on your mind.  You are jumping out of planes that were made by the low bidder, as was your parachute.  You are responding to a “Go!”-light and command that will take you into flight out of your control.  You are in God’s hands as the wind carries you out and gently guides you to the ground.  Where you land is often not as planned.

And, I can not think of any instance where a about a combat medic looked down on the trusting face of a helpless warrior and said, “…. I can’t ….”

Where there is life, there is hope.”  Jerry is forever young at 80+.

Jerry is our council pig cooker, Lamb champion, parish greeter, friend, pancake cooker, fish monger, and so much more.  He is helpful, caring, and consistent.  Every year for over 47 years he has gathered with family and friends to celebrate the New Year with a family-style pig picking.  Everyone brings a covered dish or a dessert.  Jerry and his family does the rest.

Why not join Jerry this year?  Turn off the television.  There is more to do than drink beer, eat chips and watch a game.  You can see the highlights later.  Head to Orange Grove Church Road and Jerry’s New Year’s Day pig picking.  Join other knights to share God’s blessings.  Learn more and get directions.