Administrative Items of Interest for Members of the Assembly


PDF Files may be downloaded and completed on your computer screen. Print copies and mail or take it to your next assembly meeting.

  1. Assembly Expense Voucher.  Use to claim authorized expense reimbursement. Prior approval is required for expense.  Assembly Expense/Income Voucher FI3
  2. Assembly Income Voucher Use to submit event income, donations, or other income to the Assembly.  Assembly Income Voucher FI3
  3. Exemplification Candidates List. Use to submit the names of candidates, SKs and their ladies attending the event. Exemplification GUESTS CANDIDATES ASSEMBLY SHEETS

Supreme Council
Locate and download required Assembly Forms and Fourth Degree Program Reports.

Uniform Accessories


Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree regalia pins and accessories.  Includes Knights of Columbus jewelry, regalia cases, banners, and religious items.

  • Chilbert & Co. – TuxAmerica. Tuxedo Sets, shirts, shoes and other clothing. Home of the $199 social regalia kit. Do not order winged collar shirts!

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