Administrative Items of Interest for Members of the Assembly

Survey of Fraternal Activity Individual Member Worksheet

Report your monthly activities to the Assembly by completing an online form.  Then you can print a copy and pass it along to the Assembly for inclusion in our required reports.  DOWNLOAD FORM

Reporting Expenses and Assembly income.

PDF Files to record your Assembly expenses or project income may be downloaded and completed on your computer screen. Print copies and mail or take it to your next assembly meeting.

  1. Assembly Expense Voucher.  Use to claim authorized expense reimbursement. Prior approval is required for expense.  Assembly Expense/Income Voucher FI3
  2. Assembly Income Voucher Use to submit event income, donations, or other income to the Assembly.  Assembly Income Voucher FI3

Supreme Council-provided online forms

Forms are how we manage our reports on programs and finances.  You can locate and download current Assembly forms here.

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