The 2020-21 Assembly Officers are:
 Position Sir Knights Council   Knights of Columbus Posts and Honors
Faithful Navigator Chris Kremer 10910 Past Grand Knight, 10910
Faithful Captain Michael Pacilio 10910
Faithful Admiral

Terry Tinker

10910 Past Grand Knight
Faithful Pilot James Ferris


Faithful Comptroller

Bruce Jackson

Faithful Scribe

Lee Heavlin


Past Grand Knight, 10910, Past FN 3005, Past Regional (East) District Deputy NC
Faithful Purser

Rodger Traynor


Inner Sentinel

Hon. Inner Sentinel

Dario Sena

Jerry Pilarski


Outer Sentinal Mark Prokop 10910
Trustees 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year  10910 John Felten, Bill Lodge, and William Jackson
Faithful Friar Fr. Chris Koehn Parochial Vicar

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