Our reason for existence is to give to others in our community and to promote Patriotism and Citizenship.  Fourth Degree Knights are very active in their local councils and town.  Here is a sampler of what we have done and do.

Operation LAMB.  The “Least of My Brethern..”  He asked us to help and help our Knights do.  Each year they are part of a state-wide effort to raise nearly a million dollars to benefit physically and mentally handicapped children and young adjults.  Our council’s work supports local community needs.  This project is free of “administrative costs,” because our councils do the work and fund the expenses.  Our only expense is for the candy given away to draw attention to Operation Lamb.  The collections goes to support local children, our schools with special needs projects, the ARC of Orange and Durham Counties, and to Special Olympics in North Carolina.

If you know of someone or a community project that  needs help and who should be considered for a grant, contact us..
Operation LAMB is a 501.3c program.
Service Projects Stop Hunger Now
We are committed to our fellow man, too.
We have worked with other civic groups to help with the Million Meals Program.  Working in concert with the Chapel Hill Rotarians, we will provided funds and our hard work as a family to build thousands of meals.  You don’t have to be a Knight to help.

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