Exemplification Prep

There is more to do to prepare for the Degree.  Prepare now for the October event.

The District Master, Robert Grabasky, announced changes in the way we prepare for the ceremony.  There are many questions that each sponsor is asked by their candidates.  Sometimes erroneous or incomplete information is provided.  We want to change that.

Besides the information provided on the Exemplification page, attached is a three-page summary.  You are encouraged to download and save it for future use.  Included are details about the hotel; attire that is acceptable for candidates, color corps, and observers; and a new certification by candidates that they are aware of the uniform requirements.
Significant uniform changes are in effect:
  • Color Corps.  NO miniature jewels, NO name badges, NO Black Vests, NO wingtip shirt collars, and NO pins of any kind will be worn.
  • Observers.  Only current officer holders may wear their office jewel.  Former and  Past officer holders may wear the miniature Jewels and a name badge.  Miniatures are available from Lynch & Kelly.
  • Candidates. Winged-tip collars are out.  They were never in.  There has been confusion because some tuxedo providers do not know what is required by our degree.  Take a look at the rules and follow them.  Don’t forget to sign or get your candidate to sign the certificate, Appropriate Dress for Candidates.

Remember, too, that the deadline for reserving a hotel room is almost 30 days before the event.  Do not wait until the last minute.  Reserve your room now.  You can cancel a room that is reserved now, but you can not reserve a room at the special rates unless you take action before the deadline of September 25th.

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