News of the Assembly and all North Carolina Assemblies are found on-line at the kofcnc.org website under the “4th Degree” link.  We highly recommend you take a look at the January 2020 edition and archived editions.  There are lots of informative stories there.

This month’s edition has information on honor guard attire.  We get questions about use of the old regalia.  Sorry, but it is no longer authorized.  Read the story for details.

One brother knight sent a note to the our blogmaster about regalia for a funeral.  He was concerned that some Sir Knights might not have the new regalia and would not be able to honor the deceased.  The answer is also provided in the regalia article, but in summary,  if you do not have the 4th Degree Regalia (there is only one now, the new uniform, no exceptions), a Sir Knight should wear a dark suit or blazer to the funeral.  The important thing for us is to ensure that we recognize the family’s loss and participate in the wake or funeral.  Learn more  

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