We were privileged this month to participate at both a youth and adult confirmation ceremonies at St. Thomas More Church.  Families and Confirmandi came from far and wide in our diocese for this important moment in their religious life.

Assembly Knights with Bishop Burbidge

Assembly Knights with Bishop Burbidge

How did we do?  Frankly, we usually do not know.  We do our best and act as professional and reverent as possible.  It is through the eyes, smiles, and expression of thanks from the Confirmandi and the families we serve that we can see that we are doing just fine.

We received a note of thanks this week.  It was sent to our District Master, David Onofrio.  Here is what it said.

  •    I wish to compliment the Divine Mercy Assembly, #3005, for the wonderful job they did at the Adult Confirmation at St. Thomas More parish, Chapel Hill, on Sunday, May 19th, with Bishop Burbidge presiding. They looked wonderful in their dress tuxedos and social baldrics and their presence was both noticeable yet dignified: giving out the programs, attending to the Confirmandi, serving as reader and EXO’s.  Their presence  made the entire conferring of the Sacrament very special, adding to the dignity of the Sacrament with the Bishop presiding. 
        You as District Master should be very proud of this group.
    As the coordinator of the RCIA for Good Shepherd Church in Hope Mills, I had to be there for our adult candidates and I was most impressed.  I have been to other Rites and liturgies for the RCIA and have never seen the 4th degree.   This should be provided at all the special Rites for the RCIA as these are folks desiring to become part of our Catholic faith community and I am sure they were just as impressed with how these gentlemen did their assembly proud.
    Sincerely, Camille Grupy”

Congratulations to all Sir Knights who served the Bishop and Fr. Scott McCue.