Seminarian Receives Award


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Divine Mercy Assembly 3005 had a very successful Christmas Raffle to support local seminarians in the Raleigh Diocese.  This year the Assembly selected Tyler Sparrow as the 2019 Award Recipient.

Faithful Navigator Bill Jackson, joined by Mike Pacilio, presents award to seminarian Tyler Sparrow.

Seminarian education is funded by the diocese, but personal disposable income is at a premium.  The Assembly’s cash award of $500 is sure to be a highlight during the Christmas holiday and Spring demister for Tyler.

The Knights of Columbus, through its local councils and assemblies, has been and continues to provide financial and service assistance to the many seminarians across our nation and foreign lands.  In addition, the Knights of Columbus, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, provides partial matching funds to promote support of seminarians.

To learn more about the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh’s seminarian program, click here.

Learn more about our seminarian.

New Regalia Now Available


Looking to look sharp with the new uniform?  Not able to wear the century-old old uniform?  No problem.

We understand that the cost of this Italian-made suit is now $100 lower than the original shipments.  We can’t guarantee the price, but you can learn more by visiting the uniform store.

Visit the Knights of Columbus Uniform store.  Just click here

“… Now that’s a spicy mea’ta ball!”

It’s time for our Second Annual Assembly Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.  It’s just like grandma made in the old country (Jersey, New York, and Boston?)  Maybe that is a little stretch, but is is a fine dinner and we are going to have a hundred or more happy mother’s taking a night off to dine with us.
This dinner will be held from 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm on January 24th in the Friends and Family Hall.  You can also stop in and takeout dinner for your home or sports event tailgate.
The dinner is co-sponsored between Assembly 3005, Council 10910, and the St. Michael the Defender Ministry.  Your attendance will benefit all.
Look for advance ticket sales.  Don’t like to attend but want to support our programs…?  We’ll even sell you some tickets and you can save them as a souvenir or let us put your ticket in the hands of someone who can’t afford a night out.
Fun time…  The picture above is a screenshot from a very popular Alka-Seltzer commercial from about 50 years ago.  Click on it for a “hoot” from our youth and early “in living color” television.

“Copy Boy!”

Writers and reporters filled newsrooms in every major city.  Some had two, three or more newspapers.  Some had multiple editions to fill.  This was before news became 10-second soundbites of “information.”  I think of that type of reporting as delivering the bones and not the meat.

Lots of stories are all around us. This Royal is from Flat Rock, NC.

The news was run from department to department, floor to floor, and back again.  Here is a good explanation from the Herald Sun (Australia).  “Reporters typed their stories on slips of butcher’s paper…then a copy boy ran the story into the neighbouring subs’ [sub-editor‘s] room, hence the cry of ‘copy’. Each slip of the story had about six carbon copies…stapled together and it was the job of the copy boy – or girl – to separate the original and run it to the subs, and then separate the carbons for distribution.”

Writers are made, not born.  They learn from watching others and listening a lot.  They get exposed to news around them and their library of knowledge steadily grows.  There is a little bit of a reporter in all of us.  They call us “storytellers.”

Assembly news, Council news and more happens everyday.  Someone is sick, someone succeeds, someone is recognized, or someone has a project and needs help.  Your Divine Mercy Assembly News and Newsletter is our website.

You, too, can tell your stories to others and publish them on the Council or Assembly website.  I know you have the skill, I’ve heard many of you share your stories.  Did you know that I can even teach you how to tell your story to your computer?  Not only that, you can watch it become a document on your screen.  Then, just save the file and send it in to the Copy Desk.  What do you think?  You can do it.

Put yourself in this picture.  Get in front of the story.  Take a few pictures on your smart phone.  There is a Clark Kent in all of us.  You’ll be proud of your work and you will create excitement in the Knights of Columbus that will benefit the local Council and our Order.

Smith-Corona SCM Secretarial

“I’m Gonna Build Me a Chapel…”


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For those who love classic movies with heart, a message, and a memorable story… Do you remember Lillies of the Field with Sidney Poitier and Homer Smith saying… “I’m gonna build me a chapel…?”  Sidney Poitier won an Oscar for this 1963 performance.

Meanwhile, up in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Antonio Guerrieri and his crew had been working on the Eden Hill Chapel of the Marian Fathers since 1950.  Antonio was a master carver and furniture builder who had recent experience in restoring area churches when the Marian Fathers asked him to build them a chapel.  Antonio reminded himself that “he had been raised and trained in a culture which taught that before a man died, he had to do something great for God.”  A gift of thanksgiving?

Stanley Socha

Antonio was joined by his apprentice, Stanley Olender. Later Stanley Socha, a wood carver, and masons joined the team.  They were going to build a chapel, the Chapel at Eden Hill.

The chapel took many years to complete and was finally finished.  Construction started in 1950 and finished in 1960.  A modest chapel of stucco in design was destined to be The Divine Mercy Chapel and a beautiful stone chapel and a national shrine–The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. at Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Stanley Socha left New England around 1995 and worked with building homes for the Habitat for Humanity.  He moved to Chapel Hill to be closer to his daughter, Susanne Socha Jackson.  That’s where the story comes full circle where the Chapel at Eden Hill becomes the Chapel of Divine Mercy and shortly thereafter we charter  Divine Mercy Assembly 3005.

When our new church was dedicated about ten years ago, Stanley Socha, was once again challenged with creating something for it.  The altar candle stands were his work. Stanley was recognized in a St. Thomas More Church stewardship profile in April 2012.

Our Faithful Navigator, Bill Jackson, is very proud to have shared in the life of his father-in-law through Susanne.  We are all honored to have Stanley with us, too.  His Divine Mercy Legacy–his gift of greatness to God–lives on with us at St. Thomas More Church.

Learn more about the building of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.  Click here




“Hey Lover Boy…”



Today Sir Knight Gene Drogos is awaiting the arrival of his lovely wife.  He is in a rehabilitation center and is eager to return home, but can’t.

Every day he is joined by Louise Drogos and she spends the day with him.  Their love is a true Carolina Story that continues to this day…Louise’s 98th Birthday.

Here’s a link to a story about “A first kiss remembered.”

“On a cold November night in 1943, Eugene “Gene” Drogos and Evelyn “Louise” Hux danced to big band music on a blind date. They had no idea it would be their first date of many. … ”

Gene Drogos is a Council 10910 and Assembly 3005 Charter Member.


It Takes a Knight….


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Did you every wonder what happens in the background to makes things happen in the Council and Assembly?  This writer has been working with lots and lots of knights since our Council was formed in the late 1990’s.  I take pictures and keep an ear alert for a story to share.  This is one of those stories–The Legacy of Jerry Pilarski.

Gene Keeling and Jerry Pilarski

We join the Fourth Degree to show our patriotism, but we gain camaraderie and fellowship.  We bond together as brothers.  How do we do that?  We gather to have fun and help each other.

One example is Sir Knight Jerry Pilarski.  There is no task that he would not take on.  The word “can’t” does not seem to be in his vocabulary.  This writer can remember many a meeting where Jerry would stand up and say, “…. then I’ll get it done.”

I think it has something to do with his airborne and army medic training. You can’t be a paratrooper with doubt on your mind.  You are jumping out of planes that were made by the low bidder, as was your parachute.  You are responding to a “Go!”-light and command that will take you into flight out of your control.  You are in God’s hands as the wind carries you out and gently guides you to the ground.  Where you land is often not as planned.

And, I can not think of any instance where a combat medic looked out and down and then toward the trusting face of a helpless warrior and said, “…. I can’t ….”

Where there is life, there is hope.”  Jerry is forever young at 92!

Jerry has been our council’s pig cooker, Lamb champion, parish greeter, friend, pancake cooker, fish monger, and so much more.  He is helpful, caring, and consistent.  Every year for over 50 years he has gathered with family and friends to celebrate the New Year with a family-style pig picking.  Everyone brings a covered dish or a dessert.  Jerry and his family does the rest.  Yes, that’s right, Jerry has been welcoming brother knights, friends, and family to a New Year’s Day pig pickin’ for a long, long time.

I remember well more than 25 years ago.  I was warming my favorite chair when the telephone rang.  “Hey, Lee!  It’s Jerry.  Where in the …. are you?  We are going to be eating soon and you ain’t here.”  It was my first invitation and Jerry took invites real seriously.  I gathered my family and we headed to the 4H Cattle Barn.  The Barn was packed and the parking lot was full.  We were treated as family at a family reunion.  In fact, it may have been the day that Jerry asked me to say grace the first time.  He introduced me as, “Preacher Lee.”  He still does.  We have not missed an event since–we are family.

Why not join Jerry this year?  Turn off your television, put up your phone.  There is more to do than drink beer, eat chips and watch a game.  You can see the highlights later.  Head to Orange Grove Church Road and Jerry’s New Year’s Day pig picking.  All Knights have a standing invitation. Join other knights to share God’s blessings and a plate of your family favorite dish.  Learn more and get directions.

“The Times They Are A Changin…”


Yes, sir.  The times are changing on us and probably faster than we want.  July 1st marked a new milestone for Knights of Columbus Assemblies.  We have said “goodbye” to our formal wear uniform, cap, and chapeau.

The traditional uniform that made us so recognizable has given way to a tailored blazer, embroidered patch and slacks.  Don’t worry, we are the same dedicated Fourth Degree Knights you have grown accustomed to.

Our masthead for the website still has a few pictures of us in our “traditional” uniform.  Our webmaster is a little behind schedule updating the pictures, but here is a picture of what we will be wearing for all Fourth Degree ceremonials. We think you will like our new look.

All Third Degree Knights are welcome to join our Assembly.  Contact us and let us know of your interest.  We’ll invite you to visit with us at a meeting or social event.  Get to know more about us and you are sure to join in the Knights of Columbus Patriotic Degree.


Ken Jorgensen Funeral Mass

Ken JorgensenIt is with regret that we share the news that Sir Knight Ken Jorgensen has passed away.  Ken has not been doing well for some time, but his loss was still a surprise to his fellow Knights.

Ken’s visitation and funeral schedule are for a visitation at 2pm on Thursday, May 17th, with a Funeral Mass immediately following at 2:30pm at St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

The family has requested an Assembly Honor Guard.  Sir Knights should arrive about 1:30 pm to serve as greeters and not later than 1:45 to participate in the honor guard.  Uniform is Social Regalia.

Ken was very proud of his service and membership in the Knights of Columbus and all that the Knights do.  He has asked for interment in his Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Regalia.

Gathering for Divine Mercy Sunday

cropped-kathleen-webers-hylaOur Assembly is honored to be able to support the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday at the Catholic Community of St. Thomas More Church.  This year we enjoyed a near doubling of attendees as the celebration is gaining attention and attendees.

We thank Fr. Labosky for his support of this very important celebration.  Learn more.


Ron Patterson, Jim Boyd, and Stephen McGregor are wearing the new Fourth Degree regalia.  The new regalia is replacing the familiar tuxedo and cape.  It will be our new standard uniform during the Summer of 2019.