Writers and reporters filled newsrooms in every major city.  Some had two, three or more newspapers.  Some had multiple editions to fill.  This was before news became 10-second soundbites of “information.”  I think of that type of reporting as delivering the bones and not the meat.

Lots of stories are all around us. This Royal is from Flat Rock, NC.

The news was run from department to department, floor to floor, and back again.  Here is a good explanation from the Herald Sun (Australia).  “Reporters typed their stories on slips of butcher’s paper…then a copy boy ran the story into the neighbouring subs’ [sub-editor‘s] room, hence the cry of ‘copy’. Each slip of the story had about six carbon copies…stapled together and it was the job of the copy boy – or girl – to separate the original and run it to the subs, and then separate the carbons for distribution.”

Writers are made, not born.  They learn from watching others and listening a lot.  They get exposed to news around them and their library of knowledge steadily grows.  There is a little bit of a reporter in all of us.  They call us “storytellers.”

Assembly news, Council news and more happens everyday.  Someone is sick, someone succeeds, someone is recognized, or someone has a project and needs help.  Your Divine Mercy Assembly News and Newsletter is our website.

You, too, can tell your stories to others and publish them on the Council or Assembly website.  I know you have the skill, I’ve heard many of you share your stories.  Did you know that I can even teach you how to tell your story to your computer?  Not only that, you can watch it become a document on your screen.  Then, just save the file and send it in to the Copy Desk.  What do you think?  You can do it.

Put yourself in this picture.  Get in front of the story.  Take a few pictures on your smart phone.  There is a Clark Kent in all of us.  You’ll be proud of your work and you will create excitement in the Knights of Columbus that will benefit the local Council and our Order.

Smith-Corona SCM Secretarial