Yes, sir.  The times are changing on us and probably faster than we want.  July 1st marked a new milestone for Knights of Columbus Assemblies.  We have said “goodbye” to our formal wear uniform, cap, and chapeau.

The traditional uniform that made us so recognizable has given way to a tailored blazer, embroidered patch and slacks.  Don’t worry, we are the same dedicated Fourth Degree Knights you have grown accustomed to.

Our masthead for the website still has a few pictures of us in our “traditional” uniform.  Our webmaster is a little behind schedule updating the pictures, but here is a picture of what we will be wearing for all Fourth Degree ceremonials. We think you will like our new look.

All Third Degree Knights are welcome to join our Assembly.  Contact us and let us know of your interest.  We’ll invite you to visit with us at a meeting or social event.  Get to know more about us and you are sure to join in the Knights of Columbus Patriotic Degree.