We are very proud of our Divine Mercy Sunday program at St. Thomas More Parish.  We have been hosting a parish mass since 2000 and we have watched our small gathering grow in attendance each year.

This is a very special event that welcomes all to return to Christ and his mercy.  If you have been away from the practice of your Catholic faith, and if you would like to come back into the, one, true Catholic Church, then this is the most perfect opportunity for you. Learn more about Divine Mercy Sunday

If you have never attended a Divine Mercy Sunday service, make 2016 the beginning of a personal and, hopefully, family tradition.

Join with us as we invite you share in this local joyous bilingual celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday.  It is the first Sunday after Easter, Sunday, April 3, 2016, at 4 p.m.   

St. Thomas More Catholic Church is located at 940 Carmichael Street, Chapel Hill, NC  27514.