There is something about parades.  They make you stand up and stand straight as Old Glory is carried past.  Just imagine the excitement of participating in a parade, let alone lead it!

A special thanks goes to all of the assembly members who headed to Caldwell to join other veterans and veterans groups as they participated in this year’s parade.  Our “children” and their new family of Sir Knights at St. Matthews were out in full force and led this year’s parade.  Local veterans from Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough and nearby towns followed as contingents from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Vietnam Veterans of America.

lot of work went into providing a military honor guard for the Caldwell Parade.  Thanks goes to everyone who has helped.  There were hours of shopping for food, food prep and family dishes, washing and waxing of cars and trucks, getting up extra early to get on the road for the 20+ mile trip, preparing uniforms, and setting up the cook tents.  But it was worth it!

We have been doing it since about 2005 when our Sir Knight Heavlin was asked to help the Durham Fleet Reserve Branch 52.  Branch 52 had been leading the parade for about 20 plus years, but their honor guard members were entering their 80′s!  The Burlington Knights of Columbus Msgr. Francis K. O’Brien Assembly provided knights in full regalia and we were able to help the Fleet Reserve continue their tradition.

Sir Knights have been doing the Caldwell parade ever since.  With the Knights of Columbus help, local veterans were able to create some excitement and gain new participants.  Sir Knight David Lucas has added the support of the Chapel Hill Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Knights of Columbus has continued to participate and this year a new Durham Assembly members stepped forward to lead the parade!  Caldwell is just about five miles from St. Matthews Church.

Here are a few pictures of today’s event.  Put it on your calendar for next year!

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