If you have been wearing your Fourth Degree Tux for about ten years (includes this writer), your mid-line may have spread.

If you have a synthetic fabric tux, remember that summer is fast approaching.  We have already seen 80 degree days and it is still spring.  So, what’s a Sir Knight to do?

Think about upgrading to a 100% wool tux.  Yep, you would be more comfortable in a new, well fitting, cool tux.  It’s affordable too!

Right in our own neighborhood, Hillsborough, there is a company who sells off rental tuxes.  It is Formalwear Outlet on Millstone Drive. The best suits are retained and they have a huge selection.  We visited them recently and did some pricing. 

A jacket is $55 and pants are up there in price.  But, wait!  They have a special package for just $95.00.  You get your own tuxedo jacket, tuxedo pants, shirt, vest, tie, studs and cufflinks.  And, you get to try it on.  They carry top brands like After Six, Andrew Fezza, Chaps Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

For those of you living a good distance from Hillsborough, you can order by mail and your fit and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Let’s not forget our ladies, gentlemen.  They also have gowns!

Sponsoring a candidate for the Fourth Degree?  Share this information with them.  Help them take the sting out of stepping up to membership in the Divine Mercy Assembly.  Visit their site to learn more.