We go through life listening, but not hearing.  We see, but often miss the horizon and the colors.  This is also true with music.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  You have heard it a thousand times, but have you read the words as it is sung?  Can you hear the words now echoing in your mind?

It arrived today in my mailbox from Sir Knight Joe Acciarito and I was about to delete it.  It was loading slowly and I, as always, was in a hurry.  Something told me to slow down, to take it a little easier, to listen.   I could hear Joe!  An introduction appeared and I was intrigued, then flag unfurled and I was in awe.

Patriotism is our basis, the bible is our sword.  Watch, listen, and  read the words as they are sung.  It is a message about Christ and His love.  Watch video