Time flies, remember death…  Remember that Knights motto?  You have said it many times and yet we sometimes forget the simplicity of its message.

Last week, Steve Jobs of Apple fame passed away in his fifties.  Much too early for a man of his genius.

This writer is not a fan of all things Apple.  I explored Commodore and IBM products early on and settled comfortably in the world of Microsoft Windows.  I later added Linux, but still kept things pretty safe with Windows-based products.  That was where my friends were. Not so for Steve Jobs. 

On the other side of the communications model was Apple Computers and, of course, Steve Jobs.  They made white boxes that dared to be different.  Steve was so different and “out there,” that his own company, Apple, fired him.  He went on to create Next Computers, Pixar, and other great products that changed Disney and made Steve and his company a fortune.

Steve then returned to Apple and the rest is history.  They had lost their way.  His drive and vision took Apple, and the world, to places we never dreamed of.  Even if you don’t have an Apple product, his vision and spark created Apple-like products that touch you and your families.  Our telephones, communications, and many things that support the entertainment industry and business in general, are fruits of his vision.

Now this may seem out of the norm for our Assembly blog, but it is not.  He led his life for the greater good of his community.  That, too, is the message of the Knights. 

We are here to make a difference. We are here to add to life and our world.  That is especially true of Knights of the Fourth Degree.  We make a difference in our community and our churches. 

So, sit back for a minute and listen to music created from Apple products and the words spoken by Steven Jobs as he spoke of Tempus Fugit Memento Mori.