The Assembly is going to recognize the veterans of our respective churches this year for Veterans Day.  We will do something similar for deceased veterans on Memorial Day.

The project includes gathering pictures of our veterans in uniform, at work or at play.  Collected pictures will then been placed on one or more collages for display the week of Veterans Day.  A separate display will include our parish men and women who are serving now.

Here is how you can help.

  1. If you are a veteran, go through your yellowed photos and find one you would like to display.  Smaller 4×6 photos are better than large ones.  But, we can digitize larger shots and reduce them.
  2. Write your name, rank and service on the back.  Include the approximate date of the photo.  Include your dates of service.
  3. Give your photo to Joe Acciarito (10910), Jim Storey (3390), Don Williams (13812), or Ron Patterson (3390).

We will copy your photo and return it.

Our next step is to put announcements in our respective church bulletins.  We want to include all veterans in our parishes.  You can speed up the process by talking to your friends who are veterans.  Be sure to include the families of our service men and women overseas or on duty now in the states.

A special thanks to Don Williams who came up with this idea as one of many ways we can recognize those who have served and serve now on Veterans Day.  After all, we are the patriotic degree.  This is our mission.