If you were not there, you missed a great opportunity to give back something to our local community.  There is nothing that makes you stand taller than to carry our national ensign in a parade.  When you approach the crowd they begin to stand, come to attention and salute.  Some eyes tear up, others glisten.

Caldwell, NC, is one mile of proud North Carolinians.  Many have themselves served.  Many others have a brother, sister, father, mother, or other family now serving in Iraq, Afghanistan or other hot spot where our men and women serve today.

Sure, it was hot.  It might have been too hot at 88 degrees  for our Color Corps, but they proudly wore their full regalia and led the Knights of Columbus contingent. A steady breeze kept their flags gently flapping.   It was the least they could do for Caldwell as their family members were a lot hotter.  Weather.com is reporting that it is 97 right now, 91 tonight, and a sweltering 115 degrees tomorrow.  Our troops endure that day in and day out with full backpacks, gear, ammo and water!

Our Color Corps this year consisted of George Cummings, Chris Cushing and Joe Accarito.  Joe was able to capture some great shots of the knights and some of the veterans.  You can view them on-line. 


The Veterans of Foreign Wars, C.V. Cummings Chapel Hill Post 9100, also has a video on-line and will soon publish photos.  (Connect to video site)