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Last year we participated in a program to produce ready-to-cook-and-eat meal packs. We packaged 170,970 meals! It is time to get back to work and make more this year.

It is on Saturday, April 5th, at the American Legion Hall on Legion Road. We start the first crew in at 8 a.m. First two-hour assembly crew arrives at 9 a.m. Crews are sent by the VFW, American Legion, the Knights of Columbus, St. Thomas More Church, the several Chapel Hill Rotary Clubs, and other local church groups. See our Assembly story from 2007.

This is a family event. Be it a kid of 8 to a kid of 100, we have a job for you. Have a child with a community service school requirement? We’ll sign their provided form to show the project and number of hours served.

You will work hard and fast and before you know it you will be done. There will be a smile on your face and a cockiness in your step. You will have made a difference! Want to see the Durham Rotary Club in action? They hosted an event in September 2006 and you can view their on-line video.

Here is the hard part. Besides your time, can we count on you for a donation? We have two matching donors and a challenge of $1,000. It works this way. For each dollar you contribute, a fellow knight will match it dollar for dollar in the name of the Assembly. It gets better. For each dollar the Assembly contributes, the Rotarian’s International will match dollar for dollar. Have I lost you yet? Your $20 is matched twice. It becomes $60. That is 300 meals.

Remember, the Rotarians control the meals from building to delivery. Your money is well spent and the food gets to the children who need it.