On Sunday, December 9th, a mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe was held at St. Thomas More Church. This began the week of celebrations leading up to the feast day, December 12th. The Assembly provided a small honor guard to escort the icon into the sanctuary and from the church to the school gym by way of Carmichael Road. After the procession, the parishioners gathered for a fiesta.

The procession was led by drummers and Aztec dancers. The dancers danced non-stop from the church to the gym and kept dancing for about a half hour in front of the gym. There were one or two dancers in their bare feet and on asphalt.

Many thanks to Gil Montoya, Bob Troy, Pete Marino, and Chris Flanagan for helping make the honor guard a reality. It was an honor for us to participate and we look forward to working closer with our Spanish-speaking parishioners as they celebrate mass and bring their culture to our community.