This Sunday is Veterans Day. It is the anniversary of the end of World War I on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Let’s take a moment to remember our dead, our veterans and those who serve and defend us now.

During the last century, few families did not have someone in the service or having served. The draft was used during wartime and many a citizen stepped forward at the call of their nation. Today, our soldiers, sailors and airmen are part of an all volunteer force. Our National Guard and Reserves are overseas as much if not more than their active duty comrades. The men of the Knights of Columbus applaud their efforts and we thank them for their service.

Let a veteran or soldier know that you appreciate and have appreciated their sacrifices for you and your family. Stop and shake their hand, tell them, “Thank You.”

They will greatly appreciate your expression of thanks. For they and we have served not for ourselves, but for our Nation.