The Peruvian and Spanish-speaking members of our parish invited the Assembly knights to participate in their annual mass and procession. It was a humbling experience full of great rewards for those who participated.

Led by our Faithful Navigator, an honor guard of six knights led the faithful into the church and stood as Honor Guard for the Lord of Miracles icon during the mass.

This was a first for many of the participants and reminded us all of our heritage and small parishes of our childhood where the whole community would join together for the church’s patron saint feast day. The church’s icon would travel through the local community to a place of honor. The day would continue with a festival to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings received.

If you did not participate in this event, well you really missed an opportunity to witness to your Spanish-speaking parishioners. We were most welcome as we honored The Lord of Miracles and joined with our brethren to give thanks to God and to pray for those in need or troubled. While we were honored guests and led the procession, the honor was really ours to assist them in celebrating Christ and His church.