Last year we were a brand new Assembly. Our officers and knights built a strong and vibrant Assembly and it is now time for us to join together to install the officers who will lead us through the coming year.
Our Installation Officer was Past State Deputy and Former District Master, Joe Dick. This is a special honor for us as Joe Dick formed the Msgr. Francis K. O’Brien Assembly, 2254, Burlington. This was the Assembly from which our Assembly took form. It was through Joe’s gentle guidance and encouragement that your Faithful Navigator was able to form our Divine Mercy Assembly.

The installation was performed after a dinner at Captain John’s Dockside Seafood and Crab House on US 15-501 at Cole Park Plaza. We will started gathering at around 6 p.m. Dinner orders were placed at 6:30 p.m. There items on the menu that were sure to please even the most robust or light appetite. Yes, there were non-seafood dishes, too.

The installation of officers was a first for the Assembly and gave many fellow knights, their ladies, family and friends a first look at this important ceremony.

Captain John joined the festivities to thank the Knights for all that they have done in the community. He expressed his appreciation and his belief that we all must do what we can to make life better for others in our world. This was a first meeting with Captain John by Joe Dick. Joe had mentioned earlier that he was looking forward to meeting John as his generosity to his community and to St. Thomas More Church and the Catholic Church is well known. He, too, wanted to thank Captain John for his work and acts of charity.
Aspiring knights were welcome and one did, in fact, join us with his lovely wife. This gave them a good opportunity to see what the Assembly is all about.
We are looking for dedicated Catholic gentlemen who are answering in prayer the question, “Who shall I send?” … They answer, “Is it I Lord? Send me to do your work. I am ready to serve.”